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In 2013, the company organizes collective tug-of-war project
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To enrich the cultural life of the worker£¬ the training of all staff unity cooperation spirit£¬ show positive spirit of the employees£¬ in May 2013£¬ organized by force and company administration center of the tug of war was held in company square glory.
Active participation in the competition attracted the masses of workers£¬ from six teams£¬ a total of more than 60 units department employees to participate in the competition£¬ the company leadership team members play an exemplary role£¬ with a line of production staff team£¬ involved in the activity.Tug of war competition£¬ the whistle sounds£¬ cheers£¬ the team spirit£¬ struggle£¬ race out of style£¬ is comparable to competence out.
In may of passion burning£¬ enthusiasm gives£¬ our staff with this collective movement celebrating May Day£¬ push the passion to the top.I think£¬ tug of war is not only an activity£¬ but also the art of cooperation.Contestants of mutual cooperation£¬ otc cheerleaders and the interaction between the competitors all embody its spirit of solidarity.Tug of war with its peculiar form interprets the essence of unity together.This kind of mood is unable to use words to describe.The collective sense of honor in the heart of each department employees.

Through the development of the activity£¬ the company employees in the work relaxed mood£¬ edify sentiment.Each team unity upward£¬ unwilling to fall behind£¬ positive enterprising£¬ good good spirit to fully demonstrate the employees.

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