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The LED fair in shenzhen, China in 2013
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China shenzhen LED show in 2013
2013 China LED Fair (Shenzhen)

Exhibition location: shenzhen convention and exhibition centre in China
Show time: April 10-12£¬ 2013
The invitation
Healthy development of the exhibition theme / ¡¿£¬ cooperative and win-win!
The exhibition features ¡¿ ¡¾ / LED the whole industry chain perfect show!
Activities objective ¡¿ ¡¾ / guide the healthy and orderly development of LED industry!
[area] / 8 square meters large exhibition platform!
/ Shared within easy reach of the professional audience ¡¿ ¡¾ 90000 mature industry buyers
Over the same period with the exhibition major activities:
2013 of the 82th session of the China electronics show 2013 China (shenzhen) (2012)£¬ the annual consumer electronics show China¡®s LED industry
2013 LED the healthy development of Chinese overseas buyers peak BBS LED symposium 2013 China LED creative design contest
? guidance unit: industrial and letter

To guide the unit: the ministry of industry and information technology of electronic information
The organizer:
China electronics corporation
China electronics industry association
Optical photoelectron industry association£¬ China - branch of photoelectric device
Support units:
Institute of semiconductors£¬ Chinese academy of sciences
Optical photoelectron industry association in China
Ministry of semiconductor lighting technology standard working group
Optical photovoltaic industry association - LCD branch in China
China electronic special equipment industry association
China semiconductor industry association
China association of lighting appliances
Shenzhen lighting industry association
Shenzhen lighting academy

The exhibition is introduced:
Development of low-carbon economy and energy saving technology has become a global consensus£¬ now in the 12th five-year plan£¬ our country puts forward clear requirements on energy conservation and emissions reduction and binding forces. As the state council put forward the future focus on the development of seven strategic emerging industries£¬ LED£¬ as the representative of new materials£¬ energy conservation and environmental protection technology£¬ will become the pillar industry of national economy development£¬ the
"2013 China LED show? Shenzhen" and "the 82th session of China¡®s electronics£¬ consumer electronics show in China" to achieve complementary resources integration£¬ vlsi£¬ exhibited 
in the same period. "China LED show" will continue adhering to the introduction of buyers to exhibitors£¬ for the purpose of the buyers recommend exhibitors£¬ with a pragmatic concept£¬ excellent service£¬ large user groups and rich academic exchanges to participating merchants will show the latest technology in the industry£¬ new material£¬ new technology£¬ new products£¬ fully present in today¡®s international industry trends and latest development trend£¬ seek cooperation£¬ the promotion of the brand£¬ develop the market for exhibitors to provide excellent platform!
We sincerely invite and look forward to your arrival£¬ by attending LEDFAIR 2013£¬ will bring you unlimited business opportunities!
Range of display:
- LED chip (epitaxial wafer and epitaxial ?

Fair value:
Low location advantage:
LED industry output value accounted for 60% of guangdong province£¬ shenzhen LED lighting enterprise has more than 1000£¬ accounting for about 50% of the country¡®s number.
Low value of guarantee:
Professional ZuZhan team£¬ professional channels to obtain purchaser accurate data£¬ set up advanced purchaser invitation system£¬ ensure the quality and quantity£¬ make your exhibition value achieved£¬ help you to develop more potential customers.
Low authority host: LED Fair 2012 offer influential sponsors£¬ including the authority of the LED industry organization: China electronics corporation£¬ China - photoelectric device£¬ optical photoelectron industry association and the authority of the end user association and organization£¬ etc
Low overseas cooperation:
To undertake units with the United States£¬ the European Union£¬ Japan£¬ South Korea£¬ Russia¡®s ?

Mail£¬ head of the China LED to domestic photovoltaic industry enterprises Fair formal invitation to reach more than 200000; 
? With dozens of photoelectric class and its users of professional media and cooperation£¬ continuous six months continuous exhibition Fair China LED photoelectric image advertisements; 
? Use the huge database of company focus on LED manufacturing enterprises at home and abroad£¬ electronics£¬ IT£¬ semiconductor£¬ electrical£¬ instrumentation£¬ control in the urban landscape lighting£¬ stage lighting£¬ municipal construction£¬ sports venues£¬ bridge and highway traffic£¬ information home appliances£¬ automotive electronics£¬ airport£¬ port£¬ digital products£¬ advertising logo£¬ lamp act the role ofing£¬ such as manufacturing£¬ finance£¬ securities industry professionals. A spectator; 
? Assign personnel to participate in all over the country£¬ Hong Kong and Taiwan£¬ the United States£¬ Germany£¬ Singapore£¬ Japan£¬ South Korea and other places of photoelectric and ?

Global lighting and electrical products manufacturers/retailers/agents/distributors/import and export trade business
- project construction contract/system contract/decoration/installation company
- hotel/office user units such as purchasing department
- designs city-lighting landscape planning/construction company
- outdoor advertising producers/leasing company
- city/street light road construction company
- stage lighting design company
- major architectural design institute (the)
- mobile phone design and manufacturer
The government department of energy conservation and environmental protection
- the government department of urban construction
- car manufacturer£¬ etc

Well-known exhibitors exhibitors is recommended
This electronic co.£¬ LTD. Good morning co.£¬ LTD Shenzhen er lang shen lighting technology co.£¬ LTD
Light electronic industrial co.£¬ LTD. Jing photoelectric co.£¬ LTD Shenzhen HuaYe new technology industrial co.£¬ LTD
Li Zhou electronic technology co.£¬ LTD.£¬ long rhyme industrial co.£¬ LTD. Shenzhen mai di photoelectric technology co.£¬ LTD
Hong Kong really bright group (China) co.£¬ LTD. British feit electronic (hangzhou) co.£¬ LTD Shenzhen love so good industrial co.£¬ LTD
Shenzhen airlines a photoelectric display technology co.£¬ LTD Shenzhen steady light electronics co.£¬ LTD Shenzhen honest

Participation fee:
Regional standard booth (3 x 3/9 ©O)
Double opening booth fee of 10% of indoor space (36 ©O)
Do not contain site management fees
Domestic companies RMB 15000/9 ©O RMB 1500 / ©O
Foreign enterprises usd 2520/9 ©O usd 260 / ©O
S note: payment before December 31£¬ 2012£¬ executive price 2012£¬ namely the standard booth 10000/9 ©O£¬ clearing 1000 / ©O.
S standard booth: (3 m x 3 m) booth (including three sides coaming£¬ lintel board£¬ a table£¬ two chairs£¬ 220 v power socket and cleaning£¬ etc.)
S field: do not include any facilities£¬ those rent separately.
Technical lecture: the organizer provides space£¬ lighting£¬ desk£¬ chairs£¬ boiling water£¬ sound£¬ whiteboard£¬ projector£¬ etc.£¬ RMB 6000 / field.
Conference reception£¬ accommodation£¬ and exhibits the checked etc. Please see < >£¬ the application deadline: March 10£¬ 2013.