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2014 the tenth international LED fair in guangzhou
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The 10th LED expo 2014

Basic information:
Show time: 2014/2/23 to 2014/2/26
China import and export commodities fair exhibition location: guangzhou pazhou exhibition hall area B
Organizer: guangzhou smell letter exhibition service co.£¬ LTD
To undertake units:
Exhibition range:
LED street light/tunnel light£¬ LED outdoor lighting
LED fluorescent light/lamp LED indoor lighting£¬ etc
LED net light/Christmas lights and other LED lights
LED car light/traffic lights
LED all kinds of lighting accessories
LED advertising lighting/LED neon
LED display£¬ LED/LCD TV and related control system
LED back light
LED chip/epitaxial wafer/lei chips and related base material
LED encapsulation and supporting materials
LED manufacturing equipment and testing instruments
OLED (organic light emitting diode)/LD (laser diode)/EL cold light) (/ laser sensor£¬ etc
The detailed information

"Guangzhou international exhibition (CHINA) LED LED" began in 2005£¬ is the world¡®s first collection of LED lighting£¬ LED display£¬ LED advertising light source£¬ LED encapsulation and LED chips and LED equipment purchasing platform for the integration of industrial chain business;After nine years of international marketing and brand accumulation£¬ has become the world¡®s most important LED industry event£¬ was the industry known as the LED industry development trend of the important "barometer".
Highlights of 2013
80000 square meters exhibition area (year-on-year growth of 14.3% in 2012)
1012 exhibitors (year-on-year growth of 12.4% in 2012)
77182 viewers at home and abroad (year-on-year growth of 22.7% in 2012)
I.e.£¬ the domestic audience of 67922£¬ 9260 overseas audience.Including overseas buyers from more than 150 countries and regions£¬ top 30 for: India£¬ Russia£¬ Malaysia£¬ Hong Kong£¬ Taiwan£¬ Thailand£¬ the United States£¬ Singapore£¬ Indonesia£¬ Australia£¬ Turkey£¬ the Philippines£¬ South Korea£¬ Brazil£¬ Vietnam£¬ Spain£¬ Japan£¬ Canada£¬ Italy£¬ Ukraine£¬ Mexico£¬ Britain£¬ France£¬ Germany£¬ Poland£¬ Egypt£¬ Saudi Arabia£¬ South Africa£¬ kazakhstan£¬ and Israel.
2014 strong outlook
"The 10th LED expo 2014" default eight pavilions£¬ five big exhibition area£¬ is expected to more than 1200 enterprises exhibition£¬ viewers will exceed 80000 people at home and abroad.
The same period 2014 exhibition activities
Technical communication BBS of LED and LED lighting industry
Exhibitors from the theme of product seminars£¬ product launches
The 2014 China (guangzhou) international advertisement signs show

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