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2014 the tenth international LED and large screen display industry exhibition in Asia
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2014 the tenth international LED and large screen display industry exhibition in Asia

Basic information:
Show time: 2014/3/4 to 2014/3/6
Exhibition location: Beijing£¬ the national conference center
Organizer: China international electronic commerce association
Beijing Ming expo international exhibition co.£¬ LTD
Beijing economic and trade exhibition co.£¬ LTD
Organizer: Beijing inscription expo international exhibition co.£¬ LTD
Beijing economic and trade exhibition co.£¬ LTD
Exhibition range:
LED lighting exhibition area: the LED street light£¬ LED garden lights£¬ LED landscape lighting£¬ LED stage lights£¬ LED lights£¬ LED traffic lights£¬ LED lights£¬ LED tunnel lights£¬ LED miner¡®s lamp£¬ LED indoor lighting lamps and lanterns£¬ LED special lighting£¬ etc.;
LED display exhibition area: LED display£¬ components£¬ signs;The LED advertisement signs£¬ luminous words£¬ module£¬ etc.
The LED chip£¬ packaging£¬ equipment exhibition area: LED chip£¬ light-emitting diodes£¬ high power devices£¬ the epitaxial wafer£¬ lei chips and related base material;LED encapsulation and form a complete set of materials;LED products and IC control system;LED manufacturing equipment and testing instruments;LED to purify and dust removal equipment£¬ etc.
LED back light£¬ mobile phones£¬ MP3£¬ DVD£¬ LCD£¬ such as computer back light
OLED: organic light-emitting diodes (leds)£¬ LD (laser diode)£¬ EL cold light source)£¬ laser sensor£¬ etc
Display industry exhibition area: LCD TV£¬ plasma TV£¬ LCD£¬ mobile phones£¬ such as photoelectric tablet main LCD TV£¬ display accessories products;LCD panels and modules£¬ the PDP panel and module£¬ OLED panel and module technology and products;A backlight module£¬ optical film£¬ adhesive tape£¬ glass£¬ ITO glass£¬ liquid crystal materials£¬ ACF£¬ developer£¬ flexible circuit board of the photoelectric flat display products such as production of raw materials and components;The photoelectric flat display industry of all kinds of production equipment and instruments;ESD protection equipment£¬ clean room£¬ purification supplies£¬ particle counter£¬ anti-static equipment£¬ purification equipment and other related equipment£¬ etc.;
The detailed information

In pieces exhibition review
Sponsored by the China electronic chamber of commerce£¬ Beijing Ming expo international exhibition co.£¬ LTD.£¬ to undertake the "exhibition of 2013 Asia international LED large screen" success in Beijing in May£¬ 2013.The exhibition with "creative green future" as the theme£¬ set up the LED lighting£¬ LED display£¬ LED chip/packaging/equipment such as the three major professional exhibition£¬ brought together a large number of domestic and foreign well-known enterprise with industry leading technology exhibition£¬ focusing on the present stage of LED industry in all areas of the most advanced products£¬ technology£¬ materials£¬ equipment£¬ etc£¬ to realize the middle and lower reaches of the industrial chain in the LED industry one-stop purchasing trading platform.
In pieces exhibition outlook
Ten years of accumulation and precipitation£¬ whole.CILED 2014 will to the best service£¬ the largest scale£¬ new look£¬ new packaging image£¬ a high starting point positioning£¬ service£¬ outstanding brand£¬ deep interpretation of classics£¬ convergence£¬ reveal savour.Exalt banner industry brand£¬ and enlarge the LED industry£¬ high-end quality£¬ with the most professional LED the whole industry chain show image presented to the attendees.During the exhibition will also arrange the automobil leds could net CILED 201400 buyers group "£¬ "2014 China LED green public procurement summit on energy saving products"£¬ "2014 national public procurement field of LED industry top ten suppliers selection" topics such as bright spot£¬ to make the LED industry annual event.In order to speed up promoting innovation and development of Chinese and global LED industry provides a good platform.
The hope of green lighting£¬ LED age under the current to the environmental protection concept£¬ temporize£¬ blossoming£¬ vigorous development.The characteristics of the green£¬ environmental protection£¬ energy saving and optimization of industrial structure in our country£¬ and promote energy-saving emission reduction policies.At that time£¬ domestic and international famous LED enterprise£¬ high quality buyers from home and abroad£¬ will be together.We sincerely look forward to create brilliance together with you
In pieces the schedule
1£¬ the exhibition registration: March 2£¬ 2014 - March 3 (8:30-17:30pm)
2£¬ open the curtain type: on March 4£¬ 2014 (9:30 in the morning)
3£¬ display time: on March 4£¬ 2014-6 (9 - ticket)
4£¬ move-in time: on March 6£¬ 2014 (15:00 PM)
Enterprise nature Domestic enterprises abroad
Luxury standard exhibition/booth/roll over RMB 26000 yuan RMB 16000 / booth/roll over
Common standard exhibition/booth/roll over RMB 20000 yuan RMB 12800 / booth/roll over
Light booth 1200 yuan/square meters/roll over RMB 2000 yuan/square meters/roll over
AD pages back inside front cover inside back cover page Color across the page Color insert
Cost 16000 yuan to 12000 yuan£¬ 10000 yuan£¬ 12000 yuan to 10000 yuan£¬ 6000 yuan
Audience ticket of 10000 yuan/home exclusive (RMB 80000)£¬ sponsored enterprise LOGO printed and pictures.
Badges£¬ condole belt exclusive 50000 yuan£¬ sponsoring company LOGO printed£¬ text and pictures.
Technique lecture Charge RMB 10000 / field£¬ each qualified calculated on a one hour less than 1 hour.
The booth arrangement principle: "first apply£¬ first pay£¬ first arranged".
In pieces "co-host sponsorship"
In order to maximize enterprise participation effect£¬ the organizing committee sponsored enterprises achieve the purpose of the market development strategy.Established under different sponsorship scheme A plan B£¬ C three sponsors the two details on request!Especially in industries related to a number of awards£¬ participate in 2014 LED the 10th Beijing international exhibition exhibitors the opportunity to take part in the appraisal activities£¬ conference award set the "gold medal"£¬ "silver"£¬ "top ten brand award£¬ outstanding enterprise (and entrepreneurs)£¬ integrity pacesetter" award;"Designated products£¬ recommend products award;
In pieces "related activities"
1£¬ China LED technology industry peak BBS
2£¬ China LED applications in various industries and solutions
3£¬ LED in logistics£¬ supply chain management system application cases
4£¬ LED technology application innovation awards and awards ceremony
In pieces "promotional"
The organizing committee by sending invitation letter£¬ invitation card£¬ phone contact and other areas in China£¬ such as fax relevant industry manufacturers£¬ distributors and dealers£¬ in the national qualified professional magazines£¬ websites£¬ newspapers and magazines published for a long time "the 10th Asian international LED and large screen display industry exhibition" advertising information£¬ news and the latest dynamic;In Beijing£¬ all the mass media£¬ radio£¬ television£¬ newspapers£¬ and overseas trade association in a variety of ways£¬ such as direct mail 200000 free tickets£¬ 150000 invitation CARDS£¬ color invitation letter£¬ rely on the provinces (area) industry association (chamber of commerce) organization related manufacturers£¬ distributors£¬ the conference will invite representatives from around the information network technology industry£¬ government departments at all levels£¬ the letter committee£¬ industry associations£¬ business groups£¬ real estate enterprises£¬ business owners£¬ transportation£¬ telecommunications£¬ energy£¬ environment£¬ health£¬ meteorology£¬ water conservancy£¬ agriculture£¬ forestry£¬ Marine£¬ finance£¬ public security and other industries and distributors£¬ agents conference will focus on inviting the United States£¬ Britain£¬ Germany£¬ Russia£¬ Japan£¬ Korea£¬ Hong Kong£¬ Macao and Taiwan and other countries and regions related exhibitors to participate in the conference. Participants will also have a major enterprise delegates£¬ the famous multinational company representatives£¬ famous economists£¬ investors and traders in the same industry£¬ scientific research institutions and other departments and many professional users to negotiate trade and exchange;Relevant corporate representative to visit£¬ negotiate of exhibition£¬ the organizing committee will warm to them to promote the exhibition£¬ invite them to come to visit or exhibition£¬ strive to will show message is sent to the enterprise on behalf of related professionals£¬ no agent or distributor in local enterprises£¬ we will actively contact with strength and reputation for its high local agent or distributor unit£¬ try our best to contribute to business cooperation between the two sides£¬ and can be a variety of ways to participate in the exhibition.
In pieces "exhibition"
1£¬ booth arrangement principles: "first apply£¬ first pay£¬ first arranged".
2£¬ in order to make the exhibition the overall arrangement more reasonable£¬ internationalization£¬ please fill in the booth application and contract tables to the organizing committee via fax or post£¬ and build official seal;
3£¬ exhibitors registration must be paid in three working days£¬ 50% after pay the deposit£¬ otherwise the organizing committee has the right to change or cancel the booth£¬ the balance should be paid before January 09£¬ 2014;
4£¬ without the consent of the organizing committee£¬ the participation enterprise unilaterally cancel the plan£¬ the fee paid will not be returned.
May£¬ without the consent of the organizing committee£¬ the exhibitors shall not transfer the booths£¬ otherwise the organizing committee reserves the right to cancel the participation qualifications;
U note: in order to guarantee the exhibition the overall image£¬ the organizing committee reserves the right to retain part or change the power of the exhibitors booth.

Beijing Ming expo international exhibition co.£¬ LTD. :
Address: Beijing tongzhou district Yang Zhuangna century star city business center in room 1401£¬ building 64 (101100).
Telephone: + 86-10-5 2837066 fax: + 2996004 2996004
Contact: classical Hui 18511361996

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